Easy Ways To Convert Pdf To Word

PDF is a file format used by people to share documents. If you’re looking for a quick way to convert pdf to word, you’ve come to the right place. You can use tools like Google docs, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and Adobe ExportPDF service. Here are ways you can convert your document without fuss.


If you want to convert image-contained PDFs, Adobe Acrobat is a sure bet. The original format is maintained even in complicated layouts. And you don’t have to adjust the text and images.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can change PDF graphics in your file, add images, fix a typo, add a new paragraph, or rearrange the pages. This tool also allows for full-page editing, formatting of paragraphs, and use of a bulleted list.

Adobe Acrobat comes with built-in spellcheck that enables you to automatically fix the edits. For instance, you can correct a phrase, word, or date. Even better, you can edit the document from anywhere – tablet or mobile device.

First, you should open a PDF file in Acrobat, click on the Export tab on the right pane, and choose the Microsoft word format you want. Then, you should click on Acrobat to run text recognition automatically. After that, you can name your PDF file and save it.

With Acrobat, you can choose the plan that works best. You can choose the standard DC or Acrobat Pro DC.


With Foxit, you can convert PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can view, annotate or sign across the desktop.

You can also read and print PDFs to leverage existing forms. The reader is also available for Mac OS, Android, web, and Linux.

Another feature that makes Foxit unique is that you can integrate with enterprise CMS. And once you’re done editing the files, you can sign the document in your handwriting. Foxit ensures you’re safe from vulnerabilities by utilizing the Security Warning Dialogues and Trust Manager. Best of all, you can disable the JavaScript embedded in the downloaded PDFs.


Slim PDF allows you to convert PDF documents to Word and add annotations. The software comes in a small size – this is useful if you have a hard disk with a lower capacity. What’s more, it leaves the toolbars that can distract you.

The user interface gives the best PDF viewing experience. You also get a full range of customizable tools. Besides converting PDF to MS Word, you can compare two printable docs and merge pages.

When converting PDF to Word, you can select the frames and text. The only downside with Slim PDF is that there are no tools for signing, highlighting, or commenting.


PDF Nitro Reader is designed to accelerate your workflow. It enables you to edit any file including, images, pages, and paragraphs. In addition to that, you can sign in documents without printing or scanning.

What makes Nitro reader unique is that you can switch to touchscreen mode when working on a tablet. You can also flick the images rather than click a button – this is what you need to read e-books.

But what makes this tool unique is that you can highlight and underline the document. You can as well add comments that appear like sticky notes. There’s also a ribbon-style menu to help you navigate the options. The intuitive menu is pretty easy to use.


This is arguably the most feature-rich editor or viewer available. It will help you edit, convert, or remove text effortlessly. Users can utilize a broad range of tools and features on word documents. And you can switch between Classic and Ribbon UI to optimize the user interface.

PDF Exchange Editor gives you an option to strike out, highlight, insert, or underline text. You can also remove content with the redaction feature.

Still, the editor functionality allows you to convert documents to and from PDF. You can use Dropbox, SharePoint, MS Office 365, and Google drive to open the documents.

PDF Exchange Editor guarantees the security of your documents. The 128/236 encryption maximizes document security and saves the files from malicious software. You can also use digital signatures and a timestamp server.

The other reason why users use this tool is the inbuilt optical character recognition. This means that if your original PDF document is a photocopy, you can recognize the text and edit it. And you can reformat the text and use the fonts you’ve already installed on your computer. The only downside with PDF Exchange Editor is that you must upgrade to the Pro version to access all the features.


There are two types of PDF: printable and scanned. For scanned PDF, you need character recognition technology. One of the convenient ways to convert PDF to word is using the free online PDF converter. You don’t have to install any software or pay a dime.

EasePDF All-in-one online converter

It allows you to convert, compress, or edit your PDF files seamlessly. It supports 256-bit SSL encryption and protects your data. In addition to that, processes your document fast and is available for all devices on a web browser.

How do you convert PDF to word? First, you should open the browser and click the PDF to word. After that, upload the PDF files from Google Drive, Dropbox, local device, or any other URL. Since EasePDF supports batch conversion, you can process multiple files at a time. Next, click on the `convert’ tab to start the process. The conversion time will depend on file size – it only takes a few seconds. Once you’re done, you can download the converted version to your device.

Google to PDF Word Converter

Google Docs is an online tool that allows you to convert PDF files to TXT, Word, and docx formats. First, you should log in with your Google account and click the icon to upload a file from your Google Drive. After that, you can download the word document from the drop-down list. Unlike other tools, Google Docs enables you to convert printable and scanned PDFs directly to your device.

Wrap up

Before you choose any of the above tools, you should pay attention to the type of PDF file. That way, you’ll know the best tool for your converting task. Of course, you should pay attention to the format option, layout preservation, elements extraction, and speed.