Easy PDF Editing & Creations

PDF editing and creation tools allow you to edit and create any kind and length of a pdf quickly, easily, and in a few steps. With such tools, you can edit texts and graphics easily. You can fix typos in texts, add new paragraphs, or rearrange the pages. Not all of these editing and creations tools are the same – some allow editing by uploading on a website and others are to be downloaded on a computer or mobile phone device.

The more advanced editing and creation tools let you format the document further by adding text boxes, lines, bulleted lists, and even spell-check your content. Most readers and editing tools let you email the document right from inside the app.


Most of the softwares for creating and editing let you use basic features free of charge. The difference is how many features or which features are availed for free. If you are looking for basic features such as the ability to convert documents into PDF and create new documents, it is sufficient to have a free tool with basic features. The best free pdf softwares can be used in school and individual settings. Otherwise, paid versions will usually have advanced capabilities.

If you are looking to using the tool in an organizational or business setting, it may be helpful to have an advanced or paid version. It provides the flexibility needed to edit and organize your documents without having to pay for or use other third-party tools. When working with multiple documents, paid versions are also more appropriate since they have features that help organize multiple files.

Advanced features to look for in a paid or subscribed software include the capability to convert a document to a word document or to other file types like JPG and spreadsheets. Paid or subscribed tools may also allow you to merge several documents, remove pages, split documents, and even access additional storage on the cloud. Speaking of uploading documents to the cloud, some tools let you use SSL encryption before or when uploading to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Some paid tools allow you to create documents that meet ISO standards like converting the documents into PDF/X, PDF/A, or PDF/E to comply with regulations.


Besides the above-said features on best free pdf softwares or paid versions, there are many other things to look for in a pdf creation and editing tool. These are listed below.

1. WORKS ON DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEMS – A pdf creation and editing tool need to have a version that works on Android, Windows, macOS, and other platforms. Portability on Android means you can create, edit, and read documents on-the-go. Being able to create and edit documents on P.C.s allows the flexibility of working on a larger screen, but also access to a vast amount of resources that cannot be hosted on a mobile device. These resources include vast storage space and also connecting or sharing your documents on other platforms not supported on mobile phone operating systems.

P.C.-based editing and creations tools will usually handle large documents with ease. They also sync with P.C. cloud storage solutions. These services include Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.

2. LIGHTWEIGHT – It is recommended to look for a lightweight creation and editing tool to limit the space taken by the app. This is critical when working with a mobile phone with limited storage space. Nevertheless, most of these tools let you connect to the cloud and other means of storage to store large and many files.

3. OPENS MULTIPLE FILES AT ONCE – If you are going to look for a P.C.-based creation and editing app, go for one that can open many files simultaneously. The program will hence allow reading through and annotating thick documents without the program crashing. Different programs handle multiple files differently after opening them. They can be arranged in a tab view such that you feel like are using them on a web browser, or use other methods of organizing the files.

4. FEATURE-RICH – Talking about features of the best pdf editing softwares, you should go beyond the basic ones. Let the tool help you add comments, sign forms, highlight texts, and do many other things like merging multiple documents into a single one. Some will have a text-to-speech mode such that the document is read out loud for you after you open it. Others also incorporate a safe mode in which the javascript mode is disabled. In a nutshell, the tool should help you create files from scratch and also load existing ones easily and quickly for purposes of editing.

The tools that allow you to scan documents or images and convert them into pdfs are recommended in a busy office in which you handle customers’ physical documents regularly. Of these, the advanced ones even have character recognition to enable better conversion of the scanned document into better pdfs. Those with character recognition are also best at duplicating your pdf, scanned or not.

Some pdf softwares let you read e-books for instance after downloading them from the Internet. Others will have touchscreen modes that make it easier to read e-books on tablets and phones. That’s because you can easily flick the pages instead of scrolling or clicking a button.

5. WATERMARKING – Unless you can really create a custom watermark, it is advisable to avoid any tool that can create a watermark on a document after editing it. If it creates a watermark that is different from what is needed, then it turns out to be a disruption than a blessing.

6. WORKS WITH EXTENSIONS AND OTHER APPS – Some best pdf editing softwares may not have Android or iOS in addition to the PC versions. Among those, there are some that do work with extensions on Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers. In that case, they can be used or synced on multiple devices. For instance, with these ones, you can edit, merge, split, compress, and convert PDFs from the browser.